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If you’re looking for something to make parenting easier, I’ve got you covered with two tried and true products: books and wine!

“Hybrid” books for kids and parenting

Books for sale, Nurtured Heart Approach, parenting, special needs
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Need children’s books to read to your kiddos that will teach you mindful parenting techniques? Look no further! I’ve written two children’s storybooks based on the life-altering Nurtured Heart Approach®, available on my author page. (With two more on the way!)

Saturday Surprise and Playtime Pickle are hybrid storybooks, designed to engage children while modeling the Nurtured Heart Approach (NHA®) for adult readers. Each book stands alone, and parents can begin using the techniques they learn immediately. (I promise!)

Wine for winding down

wine for sale, Scout and Cellar, health and fitness, parenting
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Need help winding down after a tough day of parenting? Again, look no further! I’m an independent wine consultant for the fabulous new wine company, Scout and Cellar™. In addition to being wildly delicious, all Scout and Cellar wines are organic, which means there are no chemicals used in the vineyard. And we take it a step further, certifying all of our wines as clean-crafted, with no chemical alterations in the cellar, either.

Scout and Cellar wines are pure, old-school wines, scouted from all over the world, with none of the 250+ chemical additives found standard in today’s store-bought wine. They are third-party tested, personally selected by a Level 3 Sommelier, Keto- and Paleo-diet friendly, and mailed directly to your home when you order from my Scout and Cellar website. In other words, no need to blow your health and fitness goals when parenting calls for wine!

I can personally attest that my parenting has benefitted directly from both Nurtured Heart Approach and Scout and Cellar wine! Yours will, too!

Questions about my books or Scout and Cellar wine? Send me a message on my Contact page!

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