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“When Worry’s Feeling Big”

At long last, here is my worry song for adults: “When Worry’s Feeling Big.”

When I posted “The Worry Song” for kids with anxiety in early October, my childhood and lifelong friend Emily commented on Facebook: “But what about adults who worry? Where’s my song?” My response: “Challenge accepted!”

By necessity, “When Worry’s Feeling Big” is a bit longer than “The Worry Song.” It’s a holistic approach to generalized anxiety (and many other ills) that includes strategies and habits we use at home and are still learning to practice. The good news is, they really work.

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For Kids with Anxiety: “The Worry Song”

Resources for kids with anxiety

Life can be especially challenging for kids with anxiety. There are good resources out there, including this recent interview with Dr. Dawn Huebner, a psychologist and author who specializes in anxiety, and parenting strategies like Nurtured Heart Approach®, which aims to build a child’s Inner Wealth™.

If you’re looking for good, in-depth resources on childhood anxiety, check out the links above. “The Worry Song” is not that. (I told you I was committed to telling the truth.) This is more of a fun resource, a little ditty that popped into my strange, creative mind one day this past summer when my oldest, a kiddo with significant anxiety, kept getting stuck.

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