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Not-so “Cookie-Cutter” Lunches

Yesterday afternoon, I cleaned out a drawer in our kitchen island to make room for all of the supplements we’ve recently added to our daily regimen. That may not seem like a big deal, but it hit me hard.

It was the top, right-hand drawer, where, for years, I’ve kept the kid-sized utensils, condiment containers, colorful little bags, and small cookie cutters with plans of making fun school lunches for Isaac and Gillian. (The kind of school lunches you see on Pinterest, with star-shaped cheese cuts and Mickey-shaped fruits.)

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Scout & Cellar Wine: My Story

Here’s a quick snapshot of my path to clean eating and my love affair with Scout & Cellar clean-crafted wine!

Wine country

I have enjoyed wine since I was single in the early 2000s and working as an associate pastor at a (not Southern) Baptist Church in San Antonio. Many Fridays, I would cook a filet, medium rare, have a glass of red wine, and watch a movie by myself. Don’t feel bad for me…I loved it! 

I actually met my husband, Todd, in that church. 
Not long afterward, I moved to Dallas. 
He moved to Chicago. 
We got engaged, then married.
And we honeymooned in Napa Valley, where my love of wine grew. 

Vineyard Tour in Napa Valley, October 2018

Todd and I go back to Napa every five years on our anniversary and sometimes in-between. Our most recent trip was in October of 2018. (Sadly, our April 2020 trip was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.)

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