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Parenting A Special Needs Child: My Story

This post on parenting a special needs child is my personal (and ongoing) story about being Isaac’s mom. It originally appeared as “Lessons from a Texas Mom” in interview format on Downunder Dad, a blog out of Australia that explores life lessons after the age of forty.

Please visit Downunder Dad’s engaging and entertaining blog and check out the piece he wrote for Gray Colored Glasses, On Parenting and Asperger’s.

Special needs: Not Quite What I Was Planning

When I was pregnant with our first child, my husband and I found this great little book, called Not Quite What I Was Planning. It’s a compilation of six word memoirs (like the title) written by people in all different stages of life, some famous, most not. We loved it so much that we gave it as a hostess gift to several couples who threw us a baby shower.

Little did we know the title would turn out to be prophetic. Child-birth, motherhood, our precious son: none of them were quite what I was planning.

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Book Reading: Saturday Surprise, by Ann Bell Worley

This video of me reading Saturday Surprise, my first children’s storybook, was recorded in September of 2017. This was just days after Hurricane Harvey hit the gulf coast, causing massive flooding in the Greater Houston area. Along with many others, I recorded my book reading and posted it as part of the “Hurricane Harvey Book Club” so that children displaced from their homes could still enjoy story time. And now, I’m sharing it with you!

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