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Your Best Is Enough

I’m not sure what brought you to this post, whether you need this message for yourself, for your children, or for people you meet on the street, but here it is: Your best is enough.

I know there are rotten people in the world, who spit gum on the ground, double park their cars, and truly don’t care about others. But I’m not talking to them. I’m talking to you.

You wake up early every day to make your child’s lunch. You drive all over creation to get your kids to school, yourself to work, your errands run, and activities attended. Many of your days, you end exhausted, wondering if your efforts make any difference at all.

And then there are seasons like this one, with more trials than usual. With so much out of your control, you feel completely overwhelmed.

Hear these words: You are doing your best. And your best is enough.

This is true of kids, too. Many of them. Sure, they can be patoots now and then, but most of the time, they are doing their best with the skills they have. Sometimes, kids are doing their best even when they’re melting down. And they might need us to recognize it for them.

One of the best stories I’ve heard recently was from another mom of a special needs child at Isaac’s school. She was out with her teenage son, a boy on the autism spectrum, and he was struggling. When a store clerk met him with an unforgiving response, the mom said simply, “He is doing the best he can. I hope you are, too.”

I might not have the wherewithal to say what she did in that moment, though I admire her for it. But sometimes I need that reminder myself. My child is doing his best, and his best is enough.

We’ve all heard the saying, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” (Click here for quote attribution.) And it’s true. I am. You are. Our kids are. That store clerk probably is, too.

I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. But I may be reminding you of something you needed to hear again. So be kind, friends. To people you meet. To your kids. And even to yourself. Your best is enough.

Pass it on.

New Year’s Brunch at Home

New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who prefer New Year’s Eve and those who prefer New Year’s Day. Todd and I are New Year’s Day kind of people. We have a tradition of celebrating the start of a new year over a nice, indulgent brunch, where we reflect on the previous year and talk about our goals and resolutions for the new one. We’ve been doing it since before our kids were born, and the tradition continues with Isaac now 11 and Gillian eight.

We always do a little something to celebrate New Year’s Eve, too, even if we don’t stay up until midnight. Last night’s festivities were especially hilarious, even if unintentionally so. More on that in a minute.

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All Kids Want For Christmas…

Ok, maybe it’s not all kids want for Christmas. I know from my own children’s notes to Santa that my son wants a sleeping bag for camping and my daughter wants an electric scooter (just like Taylor’s, please). There are a handful of toys and clothing items they’ve asked for, too. But I know what they want most, on Christmas and every day. What they really want…is me.

That’s right, all kids want for Christmas is you.

Childhood is for connecting

That scooter wouldn’t be nearly as fun if no one was there to celebrate her riding it. And a camping trip without Mom or Dad (or Grandma, etc.)? Forget about it. What kids are truly hungry for is connection, maybe moreso in this generation than any other.

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Parenting A Special Needs Child: My Story

This post on parenting a special needs child is my personal (and ongoing) story about being Isaac’s mom. It originally appeared as “Lessons from a Texas Mom” in interview format on Downunder Dad, a blog out of Australia that explores life lessons after the age of forty.

Please visit Downunder Dad’s engaging and entertaining blog and check out the piece he wrote for Gray Colored Glasses, On Parenting and Asperger’s.

Special needs: Not Quite What I Was Planning

When I was pregnant with our first child, my husband and I found this great little book, called Not Quite What I Was Planning. It’s a compilation of six word memoirs (like the title) written by people in all different stages of life, some famous, most not. We loved it so much that we gave it as a hostess gift to several couples who threw us a baby shower.

Little did we know the title would turn out to be prophetic. Child-birth, motherhood, our precious son: none of them were quite what I was planning.

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Gray Colored Glasses Community Newsletter

A community newsletter feels like the right thing right now. And since I’m not (yet!) set up to send a newsletter by email, I’m writing it as a post to anyone who happens upon Gray Colored Glasses. If this is your first time here, welcome, and please stay. If you’re a “regular,” hello friend.

A few short months ago, I invited you to join me on this new adventure, Gray Colored Glasses, a parenting blog and then some, written for parents, special needs parents, and non parents alike. Truly, Gray Colored Glasses is for anyone seeking to live with deeper understanding, more awareness, and more compassion. I am grateful beyond words to all of you who are reading my blog and engaging in this growing community.

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