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“When Worry’s Feeling Big”

At long last, here is my worry song for adults: “When Worry’s Feeling Big.”

When I posted “The Worry Song” for kids with anxiety in early October, my childhood and lifelong friend Emily commented on Facebook: “But what about adults who worry? Where’s my song?” My response: “Challenge accepted!”

By necessity, “When Worry’s Feeling Big” is a bit longer than “The Worry Song.” It’s a holistic approach to generalized anxiety (and many other ills) that includes strategies and habits we use at home and are still learning to practice. The good news is, they really work.

Note: Like its predecessor, “When Worry’s Feeling Big” is a fun approach to a serious thing. If you suffer from chronic anxiety or wonder if you may have a deeper issue, check out this list of anxiety symptoms and treatment from the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, and find a good therapist who helps you take care of YOU.

The video

My original plan was to take a video of “When Worry’s Feeling Big” in one shot, just me being me but with my hair and makeup done. That’s why it’s taken so long, because hair and makeup don’t happen every day! But when I finally got Todd to take a video last weekend, a month and a half after the song was ready, it came out ALL WRONG! It turns out, good hair and makeup don’t make me any less awkward on video.

Second problem, it felt like I was “preaching” in a most unflattering way. Like I have the answers to your problems, bless your heart. Which is so not the message I’m going for. I’m in this with you is more like it. These are the things I do when my worries feel big. But that wasn’t coming through at all.

Solution: Record my daughter instead! I’d written the words over a few days on my morning walks and the tune over the next week or two. After hearing me belt it out here and there around the house, getting ready to make a video someday, Gillian had it memorized. So after several truly terrible takes of me, I asked Gillian if she would do it, on the spot. Again, challenge accepted!

“When Worry’s Feeling Big”

So here’s my wonderful daughter, Gillian, on the first take. (After a double-header of flag football games, no less, thus the eye black.)

This one’s for Emily and for everyone out there adulting.

“When Worry’s Feeling Big”

When worry’s feeling big and you’re feeling small,
Breathe! Here’s a plan for it all:
Eat real food, sleep for eight,
exercise and meditate.
If it’s still a chronic condition,
ask your doctor to add a prescription.
Finally, spend time with friends, and
Breathe! The end.

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  1. Your creativity and ingenious way to talk about Big Worries is powerful and so supportive for EVERYONE! Thank You!

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